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Peer Recovery

About our Peer Recovery Program

Peer Recovery Coaches at Freedom Recovery Center actively engage with individuals in the community to dismantle negative barriers and obstacles hindering their progress. Through ongoing mentoring services, coaches provide long-term support to those in need of additional resources, fostering individual growth without judgment or stigmatization. Utilizing active listening and drawing from personal experiences with substance use, coaches encourage engagement in opportunities for further growth.

It's important to note that while Recovery Coaches offer invaluable support, they do not provide direct transportation for clients, offer 24/7 response services, or take a one-size-fits-all approach to assistance. They also do not prescribe medication or diagnose clients, as they lack medical qualifications and credentials. Instead, they work collaboratively with clients to establish healthy boundaries, create a safe space for venting, and refer clients to appropriate resources to address their needs.

At Freedom Recovery Center, we recognize the community's need for access to various resources, including emotional support, housing assistance, transportation, financial aid, and job search assistance. Our Recovery Coaches excel in fostering productive relationships with clients, guiding them towards healthier habits and providing ongoing support to navigate life's challenges. If you or someone you know is facing barriers to recovery, please reach out to us at (517) 881-6199 or via email at To begin the process, you can also fill out our online intake form below.

Thank you!

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